Chapter Vice President Steven Duke, PhD

Steven T. Duke, PhD

Dr. Steven T. Duke is Associate Vice President for Global Strategy and International Initiatives for the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost at the University of Nebraska Central Administration.

About Dr. Steven T. Duke’s Fulbright Experience: France, October 2017, International Education Administrators Seminar

It was a real honor and privilege to participate in the International Education Administrators Seminar in France. The Fulbright team in France did a terrific job in helping our group to learn about higher education in France and to connect with French universities. The experience has given me a much broader perspective on the Fulbright program and the great number of students, professors, administrators and others who benefit from the Fulbright programs. The experience has also given me a desire to encourage others to participate in Fulbright programs around the world and to make the world a safer, happier and more understanding place to live and work.