Meeting Minutes, August 2, 2022

Fulbright Meeting Minutes

August 2, 2022


Present: Steven Duke, Ken Hoppmann, Dawne Curry, Wael ElRayes, and Amy Wendling.

Steven started the meeting by mentioning the agenda and asked if there were others items to add to it.

We started with a discussion of meeting schedule of the first Monday of each month from 2 pm to 3 pm.

A short discussion on who will be treasurer next year since Hannah is pregnant and can’t this year. Dawne nominated Ken. Ken said he would serve as treasurer do it, with our grace and forgiveness.  :  )

Steve stated he emailed a draft of our Fulbright chapter grant for approximately $2600 to the Fulbright national office:

  1. Saturday morning Fulbright coffee (estimate of $9 a person)
  2. Fulbright Forum with Fulbright alumni possibly starting with Amelia Montes
  3. Hockey Game in December tradition

He mentioned the monies would be for half of the upcoming year and targeting the local and visiting Fulbright scholars. Steve wants to set a goal of at least 20 people attending each of the above three activities. Dawne suggested our chapter sponsor a night at a Hamilton show in Lincoln next August, 2023.  Wael suggested, since the grant funding monies could be larger than last year, he suggested doing a fancier, larger event to promote our chapter and promote membership. Dawne said perhaps we could bring a national speaker to an event for more visibility as well.

Steve wondered if as a chapter we should split #1 coffees half in Omaha, half in Lincoln. Wael asked if we should ask chapter members (rather than only board members) to lead the coffees to encourage more involvement. Dawne agreed to “divvy up” the man power to lead the coffees. Ken said he was unsure how many members the chapter has currently. Steve suggested Lucy and Angela L to be Omaha coffee hosts. Dawne suggested the national director for Fulbright at UNL might lead one in Lincoln. Amy W. suggested Steven contact possible coffee hosts in Omaha and Lincoln and invited them. Steven asked Wael if he would coordinate a coffee between now and December and Wael agreed.

Steve showed a list of approximately 500 chapter members split into categories, such as seniors, life time members, prospects (people who have served as Fulbright but not joined the chapter, and a majority of the list as “expired” —those who were members but no longer are involved. Wael said it would be a good start to connect this latter group and re-enroll them. Steve shared his dashboard with a list of visiting scholars who have end dates in August. Ken suggested doing a coffee (doesn’t have to be morning, could be in the afternoon) on a Saturday, maybe August 27 or in September and Wael said the chapter still has funding left from our previous grant. Dawne suggested those who will be presenting about their time as a Fulbright could do a short video concerning their time as a scholar. Ken was unsure of his schedule in late August, but asked that with perhaps from Steve and Dawne they could make a coffee happen next month, perhaps during a weekday. Steve will check first if there is interest before we set a date for the coffee. Steve said we can be flexible as to what day and time works for the coffees—Ken suggested meeting at The Mill and Steve agreed with keeping the coffees keep it downtown. Ken thought perhaps the grants would be easier to get with “in kind” and sponsors for the coffees.

Amy W. has reached out to Amelia to see if she wants to do an online zoom forum or if in person. Steve said it Amelia is not available, we should invite a local or visiting Fulbright. Dawne suggested inviting Hope Wabuke, a visiting Fulbright teaching at UNL

Steve asked if there were other suggestions for grant possibilities this fall or next year. No one had any suggestions.

Steve then switched topics about the annual Fulbright conference. Christine at national office said there is a separate form/process for this to happen. Dawne asked about our membership dues ($700) each year, and wondered if we could consider these funds for possibly funding board members to attend the annual conference.

Steve wondered if we need to create a subcommittee for membership drive—Steve said if we had younger Fulbright together to form a subcommittee perhaps we could have more interest to joining the chapter. Wael wondered how we could make this happen and Dawne suggested we appoint someone from the alumni list to act as a Fulbright liaison. Ken suggested inviting possible liaison to attend Fulbright meetings to encourage enrollment. He suggested having the “Friends of Fulbright” an opportunity and ownership for involvement. Dawne suggested an open forum (online) to ask Fulbright how to better build our chapter.

Steve said we can have up to 15 board members, which could do by inviting local Fulbright to join the board. He wanted to nominate a returning Fulbright professor and a Fulbright student to join our chapter board.  Dawne did not have any students in mind, but said she would reach out to three and see if they would be interested in joining the board and nominate them. Steve said he would reach out to Angela Luedke to possibly host a coffee this year.

Wael said we could use different platforms—Twitter, Facebook, etc.—he wanted to know if we should form a subcommittee to post on social media to give our Fulbright chapter a positive digital presence. Hannah, as Steve noted, can’t be a treasurer, but he wondered if Hannah might be interested in leading the social media presence. Wael said if Hannah wasn’t too busy we could ask, but suggested supplementing with one or two younger Fulbright to be posting on social media. Steve adjourned our board meeting a few minutes before 3 pm.: